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I call them and told them that I did not want to continue with their service.They asked me to fax some forms and I did.

However, they never stopped charging me. This is the worst insurance company. I basically was forced to continue to be with them up until now. In addition, they never help when you need them.

They do not reply back, they do not answer phone calls over the weekend.

It seems that they hide from their costumers whenever they need their assistance.I strongly recommend people looking for an auto insurance company NOT to go for this one.

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Lindsay General Insurance - Freddie Samuls Has did nothing to help me get my car fix doesn't return phone calls

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10/06/2012 my car was hit by a driver Lindsay General Insurance is his Insurance I contact them thinking that they are going to fix my car in a timely mater and boy was I wrong.This insurance company is a joke and so are the People that work for them they lie to get you off the Phone.The Lady that's assigned to my case is Freddie Samuels she's rude and she lies she tells me to take my car to a shop of my choice so that's what I do she tell me my Check has been mail to me that's a lie its been 3 weeks and me car has been at this shop waiting on them to send the Check so thay can fix it and on top of that they are trying to fix my car with used car parts from a salvage yard why would you try to do that when I got the car it was new so when fix it you need to put new parts on it.

My experience Lindsay Insurance has been Nothing.But Bad

Review about: 2007 Pontiac G6 Sport Sedan.

Lindsay General Insurance Agency

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ive have been waitting for Lindsay insurance co to Resolve my case the ajuster told me she was just waiting on her Supporvicer to review the report and its going on two months and still havent done anything so im gi called tuseday and gonna get a Lawyer and change insurance co im so upset and they been giving me the run around i talked to my ajuster tuseday and she said she was waiting on her supporvicer to review it and then she would call me right back now there telling me a Differnt story if this not resolve by today im casllng my Lawyer

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Lindsay General Insurance has not paid my claim

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Lindsay General Insurance aka Drivers Insurance aka

Kerry Sebree VP/Director 817-888-22217

Keith Mahar President/Director

Linda Bradley Secretary/Director 800-375-8188,

I live in a Suburb in Dallas, TX and have insurance with BaJa Auto Insurance. I found out on 07/09/2012 it's actually Drivers Insurance aka Lindsay General Insurance which is also a part of

My car was involved in a hit and run on 07/08/2012. I filed a police report and the next day called to file a claim. Today is 08/08/2012 exactly a month from the date of my accident and a day short of when I filed the claim. I received an email from the person handling my claim on 07/26/2012 to drop my car off for repairs and the check was mailed. I check the mail every day and there is no check. My car was completed on 08/03/2012. I was forced to spend my bill money to get my car out of the shop and take out a loan to pay my bills.

There is a lot more to go along with this story. Lies from your phone reps and an agent Ernest Stillwell who does not seem to care at all. I requested that he stop pay on the check on 08/01/2012 and mail a new check. He declined to do that. He offered me an option to sign a cancel check form which I filled out and faxed over about 3pm on 08/03/2012. He tells me that if I want it sent over night it will have to be at my own expense. I left an urgent voice mail asking for Ernest to please call me back and also sent him an email. He did not call me back until Monday 08/06/2012. He tells me that he is waiting for accounting to let him know to print another check. Today is Wednesday noon I have not heard from Ernest not by phone or email. To me Ernest does not care and obviously not concerned at all. Either Ernest doesn't care or this is normal procedures for the company, to delay payment for as long as possible.

I have been the victim by the person who hit my car and ran and now my own insurance company. I have since received 6 pieces of mail from Drivers Insurance since filing the claim not one a check. At this point I need a check mailed to me overnight today, waive my deductible and also address why my policy renewal went from $98 to $143. I would prefer a really nice discount because I am an older male with a very good driving record.

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San Juan, Texas, United States #593987

This Insurance Company is a Joke!!!!! DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM THEM!!!! save yourself the head ache dealing with these Jokers!!!!


Worst company everr!!!!I would never recommend this company to anyone!

I filed a claim on June 26th 2012, And it's already October 16th 2012!

Supposeably I was going to receive a check in September & I got nothing!The customer service SUCKS!!

Lindsay General Insurance - Lindsay General Payout To Damages

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Not resolved

I have full coverage on my veichle.I had a break in occur on May 5th,2012.

As soon as i found out my car had been broken into that day i reported it to the 24 hr Claims dept. I called in May 7th,2012 to do a follow up on it they told me nothing had been reported on the damages on my veichle. So i went ahead and made that report on the 7th again, and the person i talked to told me it would be from 24 to 48 hrs before an adjuster give me a call. I then told the lady ok i would wait for that call.

Well May 10th came along and still no call from an adjuster, I then called the insurance company and they told me that they were behind because supposley they were backed up with Hail Claims. I then advised the lady that the hail claims came after my claim and she said that an adjuster should have called me to meet up with him and i told her no one had called me. She then told me that an adjuster may have gone out to view my veichle without me knowing that he went by. I then told her that the veichle wasnt in the address that was on file with them.

She then told me just wait for a call for him to meet up with you then. Finally he ended calling me on May 15,2012 and told me he could look at my veichle the next day which was May 16,2012. I agreed meeting up with him the next day. The insurance adjuster calls me at 8am in the morinin on May 16,2012 telling me he cant find my home and that he didnt have all day to be looking for my home.

I told him ok ill meet you down the road. After meeting up with me he changed his tone of voice and started talking to me with a normal tone of voice. He then took pictures on my veichle and he left. The insurance company recieved the pictures the next day and the lady i spoke with told me that it would take 2days before any veichle cost damages would come out to.

I then told her ok ill give you a call back on May 21,2012. I then called back on Monday May 21,2012 and she had told me they had finally estimated the veichle damages to $1,400 but that upper management had to approve the damages and then they would write out the check and that it would take up to 3 days. I called her back on Friday May 25,2012 and she told me upper management still hadnt approved it yet so it would be til Tuesday May 29,2012 before we heard anything. I then called her back on May 29,2012 and she told me that they still hadnt approved it and they had fallen behind because of the holiday which was Memorial Day on May 28,2012.

She then told me by May 31st i should hear something back from them. I didnt call back til Monday June 4,2012 and they told me that they had just sent out the check and that i should get it within the next 7-14 business days. We are already June 25,2012 I still havent recieved anything i called them back and their response is that they do not control the mail so its out of their hands.

ive ben calling them and now they dont pick up.The are the worse insurance company you can go with

Review about: Veichle Insurance.


San Juan, Texas, United States #593984

This is the worst people to deal with lies....after lies....People DO NOT BUY this insurance....

Their insured hit me & was noted on the police report they were at fault!!! Over one month later they have not done anything!! But lie... lie ....

lie!!!!Buy your insurance somewhere else!!!!

Lindsay General Insurance took money from my account without permission

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I cancelled my policy with them in November (after they charged me twice for one month) I asked the gentlemen if their was anything else I needed to do and he told me "No your policy is cancelled" After returning from overseas I found letters in the mail stating my policy was going to be cancelled for non payment but dont worry if if it is being directly subtracted from your bank account.I spoke with my wife and she found they were still taking funds from our account and notified them right away.

After numerous phone calls and rude customer service I had to show them proof I had insurance (I have State Farm and LOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!) I spoke with my insurer and they were as shocked as I was about all of this mess. I was toldafter putting a stop payment to them in the amount of $804.95 that a check for the remaining amount was issued on May 11th and is now May 21st! The last time they double charged me for one month they issued a check and it arrived in 3 days and now is not the case ( I can have a large box shipped from Afghanistan to my house in 10 days for comparison!) I still have not recieved my refund check! I called today only to have a careless emlpoyee who would not let me explain my situatioin or even get a word in that I wished to speak to a manager!!

(hahahahaha Joke!) and after placing me on hold came back on the line and "told" me what the "manager" said and I made it clear I wanted to speak with the manager it turned into some kind of game or contest of who could out speak whom then she procedded to hang up!! Reluctantly I called back( glutton for punishment I know!) and asked to speak with the manager again and it turned into another Round Robin!! FINALLY get to speak with the manager(use the term loosley) he said the checks were mailed on the 11th but didnt see any confermation they were actually mailed and now I have no choice( like I ever did with this company that "accidentally" forgot to mail me new insurance cards and was without proof of insurance for 3 days!) but wait for the checks to get here(like the joke goes 3 oldest lies known to man! 1.

I love you 2. the checks in the mail and not writing the third!!! Soooo PLEASE,PLEASE whoever reads this or is considering getting insurance through this company DONT RUN AWAY!!!!!


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Lindsay General Insurance - Did not pay for Rental Reimbursement

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Not resolved

Lindsay General Insurance Agency, AKA Driver's Insurance, AKA was the insurer of a person who was at fault in an auto accident with myself.The company refused to rent a car for me during the repairs and promised to refund the money I had to go out of pocket for after the repairs were done.

Because of where I live and the kind of car I drive, a Subaru Outback, the repair took longer than they had approved the rental for. I was left holding almost $400 dollars in rental fees they they are refusing to pay. The body shop has provided proof of needed repair time. I have no other recourse but to pass this along to anyone who will listen.

A $400 loss right before Christmas is a big blow to out plans to visit family and I believe what they are doing might be illegal.Thanks for listening.

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This is bad news. Im trying to get them off there butt now. For claim of one of their clients that hit me...

Lindsay General Insurance - Did not honor statement given me

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Not resolved

Don't do it!!!!!They messed up my bank acc't by not honoring my request to change my due date to accommodate my Social Security deposit.Two persons there told me it was their mistake and were going to refund my payment.

Then a woman named "Ximena" shot me down and said there would be no refund. Never again with this low-budget online outfit!

Use a local agent.At least you can see to whom you are conversing with.I should be more aware of these internet companies who come in, set up, make lots of money then fade away just in the blink of an eye.

Review about: Car Insurance.

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